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The thirteenth stage of the Giro d’Italia starting from Cervia will arrive in Monselice on October 16, 2020 and will be the only stage with arrival in the Padua area.

An unrepeatable opportunity for Monselice to make its territory and monumental historical heritage known to the 198 connected countries around the world.

After the first 140 km flat, the race will pass for the first time in Monselice and then reach the hilly area. The route runs mostly on straight and wide roads, heading through the first intermediate sprint at Rovigo and arriving at the second at Galzignano Terme after a first passage through Monselice. Leaving Galzignano Terme, the riders will enter the Euganean hills, ancient volcanoes that overlook the Padovan-Venetian plain, where there are two fourth-category climbs. The first to Roccolo (averaging 8.3 per cent over 4.1km) comes in two parts, the first rising up the Muro di Vallorta, where the gradient briefly touches 20 per cent, and the second continuing to Roccolo, where there’s another abrupt ramp that’s almost as steep.  Leaving Rivadolmo there’s a second “wall”, this time the Muro di Calaone, which is just a tad under 10 per cent gradient for 2.1 kilometres. Like the Vallorta, it takes a narrow, twisting route through dense woodland and offers the chance for punchy climbers to ambush the sprinters. Cresting this climb, there are 16 kilometres to cover io the finish, initially winding through a series of small villages until, on the approach to Monselice, the road runs straight and wide. This will give the sprinters’ teams an opportunity to reel in any riders who have taken flight. The run-in is comparatively straightforward, until an extremely sharp left-hand bend 400 metres from the line. The battle to be in the vanguard at this point will be especially fierce, as whichever team secure it will probably win the day.

The stage promises to be suitable both for a sprint finish in which the victory is contested by a group of two or more riders and for a solo finish in which the winning rider arrives with an appreciable advantage over the immediate pursuers, suitable for champions of the caliber by Vincenzo Nibali and Peter Sagan.

On 25 January in the Council Chamber the Mayor of Monselice Giorgia Bedin, Fabio Bui President of the Province of Padua and Cristiano Corazzari, Councilor for Sport of the Veneto Region, with the big names in the Veneto cycling world, the Regional President Igino Michieletto and Giorgio Martin, President Provincial Federciclismo, presented the stage. Exceptional testimonial of the event: Alessandro Ballan, Road Cycling World Champion in Varese in 2008, Silvio Martinello, Track Cycling World Champion and Atlanta Track Cycling Olympic Champion in 1996 and the former champion of women’s cycling world Lithuanian Diana Ziluite.

Updates on the event both on the website of the Municipality of Monselice www.comune.monselice.padova.it and on the FB page of the Monselice Stage Committee


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